This week’s menu- March 1st-7th RECAP


Okay, so for our first week of not eating out, we pretty much failed. But, we only ate out once. Which we normally eat out 4-5 times a week. I know, I sighed at that too.

Now, on with the show!

Monday (today)- Chili- Pretty yummy. It was a little spicy though, because we went a little overboard with the Crazy Uncle Jester’s Spontaneous Combustion sauce. It was good, but just spicy.

Tuesday- Tacos and mexican-style rice- This was a no-brainer. I made it, it was that easy. Plus, Kroger had them on sale for $2 for the taco-dinner packs. You can’t beat that.

Wednesday- Pizza (most likely frozen, as this is one of the busier nights of the week for us) Frozen pizza was Red Baron and super, super yummy. It was also on sale at Kroger this week (cheaper than the Digourno’s)

Thursday- Oven-fried chicken and roasted potatoes Okay, So we didn’t have this. We had pizza pockets for dinner. Thursday was insane. M had a Kids Cuisine, I had a free coupon for one from Blissdom. How awesome is that?

Friday- Fish sticks for M, Battered fish (from the frozen section- I know, I’m getting all fancy on you)- We TOTALLY fell off the wagon. I had a mini-melt down because M threw up all over the car and I missed a very important doctor’s appointment. J asked me what I wanted and I said McDonald’s. There. I told the truth. Liberating? No. Embarrassing? Yes. On the plus side, it only costed us $13.49. Which is a lot cheaper than we pay for eating out at Texas Roadhouse (or the Melting Pot).

Saturday-Homemade sauce (made by my fabulous Italian hubby in the morning) Chicken Parmesan THIS WAS AMAZING!! We bought the chicken breasts on sale, and sliced them in half so that we’d have enough for Sunday leftovers. It was even better the second day.

Sunday- Meatball subs- Like I said, we had leftovers, so no meatball subs were made.

Make sure to comment- I’d love to see what you have planned and how it went (which also means- HELP! I need some inspiration!)!

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