And it keeps getting worse…


This morning has, for lack of a better term, has bit the big one.

For one, my CVS Pharmacy still cannot locate my insurance card, and they still can’t find M’s either. Um, I kinda need those.

My depression has gotten to it’s lowest point. So, I thought I’d go see one of my therapists, ya know, the big one. He’s the expensive one, so I only break him out when the going gets really tough.

And guess what?

I never made it to see him this morning.


On our way to the baby sitter’s M was complaining of a tummy ache.

So I asked her if she needed the puke bag (yes, I keep a puke bag in the car. I’m a mom. It’s what we do) and she said no.

So I ask her again, “M… do you need to puke?”

“No mommy, I just have a tummy ache”

“M, are you sure? I can get it for you”

“No mommy, I don’t need to puke”


All over her.

All over the car.

All over the car seat.

And all she had to do was tell me she needed the puke bag.

Is it spring yet?

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