This week’s menu- March 1st-7th


Okay, so with this being the first week of our March Menu Madness (ya know, the one where we AREN’T eating out for a whole month- GAH) I’m keeping it simple, with things that are easy and quick to prepare. I will update you on the night of the 7th (Sunday) as to how these dishes went- the good, the bad and the really, really ugly.

Monday (today)- Chili

Tuesday- Tacos and mexican-style rice

Wednesday- Pizza (most likely frozen, as this is one of the busier nights of the week for us)

Thursday- Oven-fried chicken and roasted potatoes

Friday- Fish sticks for M, Battered fish (from the frozen section- I know, I’m getting all fancy on you)

Saturday-Homemade sauce (made by my fabulous Italian hubby in the morning) Chicken Parmesean

Sunday- Meatball subs

Don’t forget- if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your grocery list, you can always use this template:


Make sure to comment- I’d love to see what you have planned (which also means- HELP! I need some inspiration!)!

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