March Menu Madness!


One thing my family and I are guilty of, is eating out waaaaay too much!

We spend so much money a month on eating out, that it’s almost to the point where it’s embarassing. The sad part is, that my husband is an amazing cook- and at one point wanted to become a chef!

So this month- we’re not eating out. At all. That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now, being the domestic debacle that I am, I have a tendency to even burn water- so I stay away from the kitchen unless it involves ice cream (because even I can handle that). But, I am going to *try* (being the optimal word here) to make a few creations for my family this month. Someone needs to invest in Pepto, right about… NOW!

Which is why I’m calling this- my MARCH MENU MADNESS!

Each week, starting on Monday, I will be posting my Monday Menu Planner. I will let you know what we tried, and how well it worked out each Sunday night, for the previous week during the month of March.

Here’s the menu planner and grocery shopping list combination that I use (which is super simple to use, and easy to print out):


I’d love to hear what your meal plans are for the month too. And I’m also going to be needing your encouragement to keep me straight-and-narrow. Lord knows I love my Five Guys!

If you’d like to share your meal or monthly foodie plans, feel free to comment, or link up below!


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