Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts. And they’re awesome.


I forgot about Valentine’s Day, or well I forgot about it until Thursday night at 8:00pm.

But, I have a good friend who reminded me about it- my friend Kate from RedPlum.com!

She sent me some information to share with my “last minute” readers- so here ya go!

Last Minute Valentine Gifts for Free?
redplum.com offers free IOU coupons…for love

If you’re like most Americans, you haven’t yet gotten around to picking up a present
for your Valentine. But last-minute gifts tend to mean rush delivery charges and
inflated prices. That is, unless you know where to shop. To celebrate Valentine’s
Day, value lifestyle site redplum.com is giving away free printable Valentine gifts,
in the form of coupons…for love. Users can find printable coupons they can clip
and give for all the best things in life-unchallenged movie choice, ice cream for
dinner, an uninterrupted bubble bath. Big meaning, low- or no-cost gifts that
everyone can give. There are printable Valentine gifts perfect to give to all the
folks on your Heart-Day list-spouses, moms, teachers and more-and coupons designed
for kids to clip, too.

These free, printable Valentine gift IOUs can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/dfMtiH

Sample coupons include:
*For Your Significant Other: one load of laundry, one “your choice” movie night.
*For Mom & Dad from the Kids: one morning off from making breakfast, a list
of 5 things you taught me that make my life better.
*For the Kids: one night of ice cream for dinner, two one-hour bedtime
*For Caregivers and Teachers: one day of classroom help, one pass for pet care.
*For the Grandparents from the Kids: one mini photo album of what you mean to
me, two servings of my favorite snack for us to share.
Be sure to share the free love by:
*Printing a set of the coupons to give to your Valentines
*Sending the link to your friends and family (and feel free to note which
coupons you want to receive!)
*Sharing the link on Twitter & Facebook

Now come and get your love: http://bit.ly/dfMtiH

And while you’re there, check out our other Valentine savings ideas:
10 Creative Valentine Gifts Under $30 and Coupon Codes for Valentine Gifts: Flowers, Candy & More!

I’ve seen these coupons up-close and personal, and they are adorable! J stole all of mine, so I’m pretty sure he’s planning on using them.

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