Cozi Family, oh how I love thee…


(Dear FTC: This is a sponsored post. But I didn’t agree to it until after I tried the site out. I won’t endorse something that isn’t awesome. You should know that by now.)

When I went to Blissdom, I was having a planner melt-down. I was looking for the best planner, that wasn’t bulky to take with me. And you know what? I was looking in the wrong place!

I should have been looking online all along…

Because I stumbled across a tweet by @CoziFamily– and the name really caught my eye. So I friended them, and went to their site. And guess what? IT’S A FAMILY CALENDAR SITE! And even better, it’s all online! So guess what? I got to have my entire Blissdom schedule (food, parties, forums etc.) all online and easily accessable by me and my family. It’s really cool to know that while I am away my family can know what I am up to.

It’s so user friendly (even I can do it) and can be used by anyone in your family. Have a teenager? They can add their sporting and school events so you can know what’s going on.

It’s also bright. And simple. Did I mention that the whole family can use one page? Oh, and you can get DINNER IDEAS! And Lord knows I need all of those I can get.

Yeah. It’s that awesome.

And it gets even better- Cozi is giving away FREE GROCERIES for a YEAR!! But you can enter only until March. And you get an extra entry for every friend you refer! So head to their site and sign up. I did, and I am so glad I am now part of the Cozi Family!

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