Savvy vs. Harry.


I made a decision.

One of the smartest decisions I think I could have ever made. Well, if it pays off. Which, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to.

I chose the SavvyBlogging Dinner, over Harry Connick, Jr.


Go ahead.

Scream at me.

I had a chance to see the man LIVE in ACTION here at Blissdom.

But you know what? I came here to LEARN about blogging- and to meet new friends no matter how much it takes me out of my comfort zone.

And the Savvy Blogging Dinner has been the most informative an educational moment of my entire trip to Blissdom. It was intimate, with about 10 people per table- including one “Blog Expert” to answer any and all questions I had about blogging.

My expert- was one of my good friends- Marcy from Stretching a Buck.

Not only is she smart, but she’s pretty too.

I learned so much from her about SEO and monetization, that my mind is still spinning. Not to mention the Swag we got- which was so heavy, I had to get a bell cart to take it to our room. I’ll be posting more on that later too.

I’m hoping to dig out my notes to share them with you all. And don’t worry, if you’re not here to read all the stuff on blogging/Blissdom- I’ve got several Domestic Debacles that I will be sharing with you soon. Including those from Blissdom.

Yep, I even have Domestic Debacles when I’m 6 hours away from home!

So, if you’re here and want to know what Savvy Blogging is all about- head to their site. Some friends of mine run it, and with their collective knowledge- I’m pretty sure they’re going to rule the internet.

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