Consider it done.


This morning, I was putting on my dress for the day at Blissdom.

And guess what?

I popped a button.

So not only am I terrified of meeting new people, but now I don’t have the crutch of my favorite dress.


So I thought of calling down to the front desk to see if I could get a safety-pin from them, and saw this cool smiley face button on the phone- with the wording “Consider it Done” just below it.


So I push it.

And what do I get?

Some man with a 1-900 voice saying “Hello, consider it done”.

Um, I forgot what I needed!

So after an hour a second, I came to my senses and spilled my guts about how I popped a button because of my HUGE chesticles told the nice man how I popped a button on my dress and needed a safety-pin.

His response?

“Why, I’ll bring you a sewing kit, and we’ll be right up”.

And you know what? They were.

So thank you Gaylord Opryland,

you saved me from showing Blissdom my boobs.

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