Valentine’s Day Sucks if You’re in Preschool.


And no, not for the reason you’re thinking. Valentine’s day with my husband is usually quite romantic and fun.

But this year, with M in school, it’s a whole new ball game.


M has a bully (I know, my daughter and I really have something in common this week).

The problem?

The bully is in her class, and Valentine’s day is coming up.

Which means everyone in the class passes out Valentines to everyone else. Or it’s how it should work.

M is really, REALLY against giving her bully a card. In fact, she insisted that they not get one. Why?

“she’s mean to me, mommy”.

Yes, that was the sound of my heart breaking. 

The worst part? I teach the class, and I’ve seen this little girl in action. She is mean. And no matter what I do to keep them apart, the bully always seems to make her way over to my kid to drive her insane.

I just have no idea how to handle this. Do I give in, and let M pick who she wants to give a card to

or do I make her give one to ALL of the kids?

This is so frustrating to me, because as an adult, if you don’t want to include someone because you don’t like them well- you just don’t include them. You don’t worry about hurting their feelings.

But with preschoolers, it’s a whole new territory. When feelings get hurt, you can’t run away, and the tantrums SUCK. Plus, I don’t want the teacher’s kid to seem like she can get away with whatever she wants (because the truth is, I’m harder on her than the other kids because I know what she’s capable of, but I’m pretty sure the other parents don’t see this).

So tell me moms, how would you handle this?? I’ve tried putting myself in the bully’s shoes and well, lets say I have no sympathy for her.

But, then again, I have a cold-black-heart…

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