My baby is growing up…


So I’ve been dragging my feet about piercing M’s ears. I’ve been telling her that it hurts, and can get infected- blah, blah, blah. All the nasty truth about it.


I just can’t see my baby with pierced ears. Yes, I know. I have my ears pierced. I have a tattoo.

Does it mean M should have them too? Um, NO!

So for a while now, M’s been wanting these earrings:

Cinderella Earrings

Leave it to M to want Silver Cinderella earrings!

But to have these earrings, you have to have pierced ears, which up until this morning, she really wasn’t interested in having.

But, since Santa brought me a pair of these:


Does Santa know me or what?!?! I mean, you can’t get any better than diamond and gold Mickey Mouse earrings- can you?

But M was all about getting her ears pierced TODAY, so that by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, M will be able to switch out the ones for actual Cinderella earrings.

Not knowing where to take her, I called my friend L, whose daughter got hers done recently too, told me to head to the Icing in our local mall, because they have 2 people do it at the same time, so there’s no backing out with the little ones. Awesome!

I reminded her time and time again how it was going to hurt. She didn’t care. There was a girl who went in front of us, who was 13 and was soooo nervous. M told her it was going to be “okay”.

As soon as the girl was done getting her piercing, M JUMPED into the chair and said she was ready. And boy was she ever! She was all smiles when the “guns” went off- the girls backed up and M said plainly “that hurt” then busted out in the worst and biggest tears for a whole two seconds!

Then she hopped down and went on her way!

It was the funniest and saddest moment ever for me. I never expected her to be so big and brave!


And now, my big (little) girl can wear big-girl earrings.


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