2009’s week from HELL.


Have you noticed something lately?

I haven’t really been around. On here, on Twitter and not really on Facebook either (besides the updates when I can). So here’s what’s been going on…

On December 13th M was diagnosed with pneumonia, which you already knew.

On December 14th, J was rushed from work in the afternoon to Miami Valley Hospital, because they thought he was having a heart attack. Thanks to my best friend and our babysitter, we had someone to watch M (we don’t have ANY family in the area, so I’m SOL when it comes to help). They kept him overnight for observation and several tests, including a full heart mapping and stress test. Thank the lord, the tests came back fine, and he was sent home (with instructions to change his diet) late Tuesday (the 15th) evening. Miami Valley was awesome with him, his care, and communicating with me. I couldn’t ask for a better team. The only hiccup we had, was that the attending physician on call was Dr. Quack. You know, THE Doctor Quack. I was FURIOUS when I found out he touched J. Needless to say, that won’t ever happen again.

At this point, I’m having somewhat of a mental breakdown. December is always a really tough time for me (depression is something I really struggle with-to put it nicely) and let me tell you, this week was not helping.

Then, on the 19th (Saturday) after Mass, we stopped at our local Kroger to pick up some paper towels. Needless to say, M let loose in isle 9. She puked up her salad-and-spaghetti dinner all over herself and the floor. Thank goodness J was busy putting something in the cart, otherwise he would have fallen victim.

She was vomiting every 30 minutes, and not keeping any fluids down, so I called her pediatrician, who said he wanted her to head to Dayton Children’s again, because she still has pneumonia. We took her in, and the Resident was the same one on duty as last week! Yay for a familiar face! So we got AWESOME care, and M was put on Zofran (which she is WELL acquainted with, because she had it 40x’s a week for 9.5 months in utero) to help keep things down. And then the diarrhea began… agggggghhhh!

So finally, she was feeling better on Sunday, and we got a little rest until Monday morning…

When J woke up with M’s GI virus. Vomiting and diarrhea all at once.


And then I started to not feel well in the afternoon, but had a much milder case because I am still on medication to slow my colon down from the C Diff.

I can’t even imagine what our insurance company thinks of us. If I were in their position, I’d hate us.

So that’s where I’ve been. I’ve missed you all so much, and miss blogging. There have been so many things I’ve been wanting to say, but I’m taking every spare minute getting rest, because I don’t know when another “shoe” will drop.

So Santa, if you’re listening, I’ve been a pretty good girl this year. Would you PLEASE bring us a healthy new year?

It’s all I’m asking for.


Well, that, and keep me out of the looney bin.


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