This time, Dayton Children’s was just right for my child.


On Sunday morning, around 6:00ish, M woke up with a cough. Not a bad one, just one.

 She didn’t have a fever.

She didn’t have any other symptoms really.

But something inside me was screaming at the top of it’s lungs- SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT.

I can’t tell you what it was that made me think this. It was soooo weird. Just this nagging thought, that M needed to go to the hospital.

So we got in the car, ran by the ATM to grab some cash (you never know how long you’re going to be at Dayton Children’s) and a bottle of water for M, who was super thirsty.

We got to the emergency room at around 7:00am, and was taken into triage immediately (don’t get all excited here, we were the only ones there). They took M’s weight, and once they heard her cough, got her into a room quickly. And when I say quickly, I mean freakin’ fast!

While we were in the room getting settled (which did have a bloody tissue on the floor, which we did complain about- and it wasn’t taken care of at all, for cryin’ out loud) M’s vitals were taken- for real this time. Machine and all. Oh- and the nurse used their new computer system this time around. Yay for professionalism! It looks like they stepped out of the stone age, and decided to use this wonderful resource!

Anyways, her vitals turned out fine. The nurse listened to her lungs, and she sounded fine. The resident came in, and checked her throat (which was red) and lungs, they were fine. But, she trusted my judgement and ordered some x-rays.

The x-ray tech told M that they were going to take some pictures of her. So what does she do? She turns into Blue Steel. I kid you not. She’s posing as if she were on some major photo shoot. Work those bones, baby! So after a good laugh by the techs, they finally got her to pose correctly so that films could be taken. We were quickly rushed back to our room.

A few moments later (after a visit from a lady deputy- which M flipped over- she’s got this thing about females in law enforcement) the resident came back in. Mom was right. She has pneumonia in the very early stages in her lower left lobe. I kid you not, I jumped out of my seat and did a victory dance right there in front of the doctor, my husband and M.


This should really be an example of “Listen to that little voice in your head, it’s not always bad.” situations.

And because the Divine Miss M is drinking well, and only has a low-grade fever to speak of, they sent us home. They’ve gotten M started on her antibiotics (which are outrageously expensive since she’s allergic to all the normal ones) and she’s also taking Triaminic for her cough (which is awesome). And anytime her coughing gets really bad, we give her a tablespoon of buckwheat honey, that seems to help quite a bit in those situations. And if you’re into buying stock, make sure you invest in Puffs plus lotion. We’ve gone through 6 boxes this weekend alone.

Now we’re just waiting until Tuesday when she sees her pediatrician to see how she’s progressing.

Thanks Dayton Children’s, this time, you were just right for my child. You’ve listened, and addressed some of my concerns. I appreciate it.

 But, I hate to be a nag here- could you please get on housekeeping? The dirty tissues are getting out of hand. Seriously.

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