M’s first day at school


Since, it’s mid-November, I’d say it’s about time I finally post the pictures from M’s first day at school.


She’s come a long way since then (cough::sharing::cough) and it’s amazing to see how much she has matured since her first day. Granted, I took her out of school for 2 weeks to go to Disney World, so she had a later start than the other kids. It’s also amazing to see how I am no longer crying for an hour have gotten used to my time without her around.


But, all of this is about to change. I won’t be missing her while she’s at school anymore. I’ve been asked by the director to be a substitute teacher for her class (one of her teachers is going to be away for about 6 weeks). So for the first time in almost 5 years, I’m going to have a real live paycheck. Um, YAY!!!

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