The day I met a Pitchman, and some “Twitter Friends”


So shortly after our trip to John’s Pass, we met up with our good friends W and B, to see where he worked and meet some of my “Twitter friends”. It was an interesting drive to say the least (love you B) and I never realized how INSANE Tampa traffic can be. It’s like being on 71 North in Cincinnati at 4:30pm on a work day (can I get an AMEN from my Cinci peeps?)!

We all made it in one piece, after a pit stop at Ikea. And here’s the PITCHures (yes, I know, I am a dork, and meant to spell it that way!)…

This room might look a little familiar to you if you watch a certain show on the Discovery Channel

Sullivan Productions

See the certain video system in the background? Love it!


Hey now, I recognize this guy- it’s Sully! Also known as Anthony Sullivan!


And here’s me with the famous guy (how I got out of there without a Swivel Sweeper I’ll never know, I’ve been drooling over them forever). And before you say anything, this was during one of my C Diff attacks, so I’m swollen, not fat (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Mmkay?


And here is to Twitter in real life: It’s Arwen!


And this is Sug (and his thumb, which I was so glad to see was healing)!


Our friends W, B and Arwen decided to take us in the Sullivan Productions Elevator of DEATH, because no visit is complete without it! Sug was smart, and took the stairs…


And this is B & M outside the building. She was his shadow the entire time. Then it was time to head to Evos for lunch. If you haven’t been there, go. AMAZING FOOD!


and from here on out, Arwen will be known as A, and Sug will be known as S. Congrats you two, you’ve made it into the Domestic Debacle Alphabet Database!

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