I’m tirrrrreeeed, soooo tiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeed.


I’m tired. I know, it’s hard to tell, so I thought I’d let you know. So tired, I think I forgot how to work my toaster. Just kidding… not really.

Why am I so tired, you ask? Well, M has been sick for a while. She started acting funny (as in not M) on Friday. I can’t pinpoint one moment of her being “not okay” but I just had that feeling, ya know?

She’s had a low-grade fever (99.5-100.5) since Sunday morning, and a gnarly cough to go with it. She’s been coughing so much, that she’s busted blood vessels around her eyes. Poor girl looks like she’s been in a bar fight.

Which brings me to last night…

We put M to bed at around 8p, and she was coughing a LOT. I mean, more than normal. So J went upstairs a few times to have her blow her nose to get some of the crud out. Normally, this helps her sleep better… but it just kept getting worse. So around 10:30p, I decide to go get some honey for her. As I walk to the door, J screams from upstairs to come up- RIGHT NOW. I run up, and find M and J in her bathroom. There was what *looked like* blood all over the sink. Bright red, mixed with a little dark.


Off to the Dayton Children’s ER we go…

So while were on our way (J is driving like a maniac, BTW- yes J, I just sold you out) it dons on J that M had a twizzler right after dinner, around 7:30p. AWESOME.

So now the question was, do we still go in and get her checked out anyway, or do we go home and guess that it was candy.

Off to the ER we went.

When we got there (11:15pm), it seemed pretty empty. There weren’t many people in the waiting room, and those that were had kids running around and playing. So we figured it would be a short wait.

We were wrong.

We were taken to a room at 1:27a. No one came in to see us for a while, and when they did to check her pulse, the person didn’t have any paper on him, so he had to write her information on a plastic glove. Nice.

Oh, and did I mention there were candy wrappers and dirty tissues on the floor? No? Let me just clarify here. I have volunteered at hospitals before. I practically grew up in an Emergency room. I KNOW what should be cleaned. I do not expect the room to be spotless, nor the floor to be mopped. I do EXPECT that trash is disposed of before a new patient enters a room. It’s just common sense. The manager came in to pick it up, but then defended the room by saying we can’t clean everything. Whatever. You can change the linens and pick up dirty tissues at the same time. I’m a mom, and I do it at home ALL the time. Mmkay?

So M’s nurse came in and listened to her lungs. Her temperature was never taken (except for triage at 11:45p), neither was her blood pressure. Just pulse by the person before. She then told us that the resident would be in shortly.

The resident came in at 3:22a. He checked her out, and said her lungs sounded great, and thought that the runny nose (post nasal drip) and Twizzler combo probably was the culprit- which are caused by a virus. Awesome! We could probably just give her Zyrtec to help with the cough. So he said to wait for the doc, who would be in shortly.

3:50a rolls around, M is crying because she wants to go home. I can’t blame her. J and I agree that if we don’t hear from anyone (after letting reception know) in 10 minutes we were leaving. We both thought the resident did a great job explaining to us the situation, so didn’t feel the need to wait around to hear a doc confirm what the resident told us. We trusted his judgement. 10 minutes rolled around, and no doc. So we went to reception to tell them that we were leaving. Their answer? “okay”. Really? Really. Here’s your token for the parking lot, now be on your way.

We got home, and I cleared M’s room out of anything she didn’t need, so there was no possibility of allergies acting up to add to the mix. Then I propped her up on several towels (under her pillow) to help the drainage, and J gave her some buckwheat honey for her cough. She didn’t cough all night (well, by all night I mean 4:30a-10:30a) which was a blessing. This morning she woke up with a low-grade fever (99.5 again) so I’m just keeping a close eye on her.

Needless to say, I’m not happy about our experience, and I know that it’s not a reflection of how the entire hospital works. I just think there are some things that they (the emergency department) can IMPROVE upon. Like, don’t argue with the parent about the trash on the floor in the room. It’s not cool.

Yeah, that would be a good place to start.

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