Disney’s Cinderella’s Royal Table Breakfast


On M’s actual birthday, I scored one of the most hottest tickets in the Magic Kingdom: Cinderella’s Royal Table Breakfast. Otherwise known as CRT. This is crack to preschool aged girls. I mean it. What makes this breakfast so special? Well, it isn’t the food. Really. But what attracts your little princess most, is the fact that 1)it’s in Cindy’s castle and 2)you get to see all the main-stream princesses in one spot. In about a 40 minute time frame. If you spend anymore time than that, you’ll see a big black knight (like the one in Monty Python, but before he lost him limbs) come out with a shiny battle-ax to get you moving along. He’ll say “NONE SHALL STAY”. Har-har.

On the Disney dining plan, this breakfast with the worst food in Disney history (which is all you can eat, but I doubt you’ll get to stay long enough to get a second plate) will set you back 2 dining credits. If not, you’re looking at about $50 per person, but it does include a picture packet to take home (even if you use your dining credits you still get this perk).

So without further ado, here are the glorious pictures of that fine morning:

disney-tampa09 213_w300_h225

Right about here is when I started to CRY like a baby:

disney-tampa09 215_w300_h400

I was still crying in this picture, which you can’t really tell, but I was (FYI: every room in my house has something Snow White in it, I am a HUGE fan):


Meeting Ariel was one of M’s highlights:


Sleeping Beauty:


Belle (not so friendly Belle as we referred to her as):


And then once breakfast was over, we headed outside to meet the one who put this all together:


She rocked. Talk about one awesome lady!

So while this wasn’t one of our favorites, I am glad we did this once. It’s certainly an experience that must be had. It’s a great time saver too, with all the mayjah princesses in one place.

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