That’s it. I’m cutting off cable.


M has been helping me with the laundry lately. Mostly because I suck at it. Yes, I am woman enough to admit that my 4 year-old can fold better than I can.


It’s her gift. But, she’s also learning about body parts at the same time. Like, girls have vaginas and boys, well, they have penises (that you should never ever touch, because they will bite you). I didn’t say that this was based in reality, but at least she know the difference.

Well, yesterday morning, M was folding the clothes, and came across Daddy’s underwear. She promptly looks up at J and I, and says, “Daddy is a boy, and has a penis, right?”. I respond with just a simple “Yes, M.”.

She then replies with a “If I had a penis, I wouldn’t wear underwear. I’d just free-ball it.”.


Our mouths DROP to the floor in shock, and we both look at each other for some explanation.

We ask  M where she heard it from, and she said she just “knew”. But then later, the Divine Miss M shows us that she knows how to work the TV remote now. I’m thinking she got it from the TV when we leave her in the room.

It’s either cable, or preschool. I’d like to think it was the TV.

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