Disney Playhouse, LIVE!


After we went to Beauty and the Beast Live, We headed over to Playhouse Disney Live. This show is a god send for tired parents, and their exhausted little ones.


1) It has all your child’s favorite characters, that they are used to seeing on the TV in the mornings.


2)It’s in an air conditioned building. Perfect for getting out of the hot Florida sun (did I mention us Ohioans are just not used to the sun?).

disney-tampa09 172_w300_h225

3. No seats. Yep. That means there is plenty of room for your child to get up and dance around. Even better? There aren’t even any steps for your kid to fall down.

disney-tampa09 173_w300_h400

This attraction was surely built with not only the toddler/preschooler in mind, but it’s a HAVEN for a tired/hot parent during a very long day. In my opinion, it’s a must do with your little ones.

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