Look out Disney- I’m your new Psycho Stalker Ex-Girlfriend


Dear Debacle:

I am writing this letter to inform you that you are no longer needed, in any way, shape or form by us.

We are dumping you.

One of us is actually writing this form letter,

while another one of us is waiting for you to just figure it out on your own.

One of us will send you a consolation prize, and let you into our not-so-exclusive club.

The other of us is just going to send you a bill.

One of us has given you many happy times.

One of us has kept you in debt.

One of us will make you very sad to receive our rejection,

while another one of us will set you free.

One of us will give you another opportunity in a year to try again,

while the other one of us just closed a door to never be reopened.

One of us gave you a really bad reason for rejecting you,

the other one did the same.


Disney Mom’s Panel and American Express.


Yes, I was rejected by both within 24 hours. It’s bitter sweet. One, I am very happy to be “let go from”. The other, I’m pretty hurt(I’ll grow up, and get over it eventually). I thought I had the right answers, turns out, I wasn’t what they were looking for.

Oh, and did I mention I found out I had cholesterol problems in between these two rejections? Yeah, didn’t think so.

And now?

Look out Disney. I’m your new psycho-stalker ex-girlfriend. I’m booking a vacation for 2010.


*Edited to add: American Express broke up with me after several years of happiness together. Their reasoning was that I’ve changed- even though I’ve always paid early. They took all of my earned points away too. 🙁 It’s for the better, but I wish I had my turned my points in before they “cut me off”.

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