Honey, I Shrunk… YOUR kid! Love, Disney.

The best part of the Disney mind set, is that they are ALWAYS thinking of the little ones. It doesn’t matter which park you visit, there is something for your child to do, and enjoy to the max!
While we were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it was about 1000 degrees out (okay, so I might exaggerate a little on this).
Thinking that we would have to mainly stay indoors (aka air conditioned freezing cold buildings) to enjoy our time, we found this gem:
The Honey I Shrunk the Kids attraction.
But this isn’t your normal Disney attraction. You can run, jump and slide and climb- in the shade (there are also small water fountains throughout). There is also only 1 exit/ entrance, so it’s easy to see if your child makes a break for it. The floor is also rubberized, so no worries about bumps and bruises. The little ones LOVE this area, and when I spoke to the on staff cast member, he said that he’s seen families stay in that are all day long.
The only down side to this area, is that there isn’t any seating for the parents, and many of the things are just too small for adults to fit into. So the adults pretty much stand around and stare at our feet while the kids play.
Other than that, it’s a great area for the kids to really play, and get some energy out. It also makes up for the fact that their dads dragged them into Star Tours and the Indiana Jones experience. M just wasn’t into them, at all.
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