Beauty and the Beast Live, and outdoors


After our yummy (yet long lunch) at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, we rushed to make it to Beauty and the Beast Live, on the other side of the park. We actually had to get our desserts to go, and ate them on the way there. Beauty and the Beast Live, was incredible.

I never expected to see a Broadway level show while at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s truly like I had gotten two tickets, for the price of one. This show, in my opinion, was worth the cost of the HWS ticket alone.

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If you have a princess or a prince, they both will love this show. You get just enough villain vs princess to balance it out, for the whole family to enjoy. And as you can tell, the costuming was fantastic!

Now for my tip: while we were there, Beauty and the Beast Live was only running twice that day. Make sure that when you walk into any park, to check the schedule boards FIRST. Before doing anything else. Even visiting the ladies’ room should come second to this activity.

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Always look for your “must see” showing to schedule into your day. In this case, Beauty and the Beast Live was only showing at 10:00am and 2:00pm. We missed the first showing, so our only other opportunity was to catch the 2:00pm one. While most of Disney is “wing it”, there are some things you really have to plan for!

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