The morning M molested Mickey.

For our first breakfast at Disney, we chose the Contemporary’s Chef Mickey’s character breakfast.

If you are staying at a NON monorail resort, you will need to take a bus to the Magic Kingdom, then get on the monorail to arrive at the Contemporary resort (allow yourself at least 15 min for this option). Or you could just take a cab from your resort straight there like we did. It ran us $15, and the cabs are at your resort already, so you’re not waiting around.

This is one dining credit per person on the dining plan, and is a buffet. Drinks are included.

When you first walk in, they take your picture as a family, and then try to sell you an outrageously priced photo package at your table. We passed on that.

The food was pretty good. They had the famous Mickey face waffles (those taste like heaven), bacon, sausage, fruit, and various egg dishes. FYI: this was one of the locations that brought out a cupcake for M before we got to hit the buffet, so keep your eyes open if you want your kid to eat some real food before hittin’ the sugary stuff.

M was so excited to meet all the characters, and took the pressure off us to track them down in the parks for their autographs, saving us a lot of time.

She got to meet Goofy:

And Donald (who I’ve always had a little crush on):

Pluto himself:

Minnie in her FABULOUS polka dots:

And then came Mickey…

He was about to walk right on by, but M wasn’t having any of it. She grabbed the mouse by his pants and spun him around (not kidding here) then proceeded to climb up him. She grabbed his ears, yanked him down and planted a big one on him. He then took the time to give her a little mouse lovin’. And her day was made.

Again, Disney, you impress.

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