Our resort at Disney, Port Orleans: French Quarter.


Now when I took the following pictures of our resort, it was during a FFRS (Florida Freak Rain Shower for short), and for some reason, I never took pictures during the normal weather we had the majority of the time. Sorry ’bout that!

Now, choosing our resort was pretty easy. I came into AAA with a budget in mind, as well as some back-up research from the Passporter.com message boards. Always check there before booking your vacation. There are some real experts on all of the Disney resorts, and you can get some great information from their threads!
Like I had mentioned before, I was spoiled during my first trip to Disney, staying at the Grand Floridian. I wanted the feel of that deluxe resort, without the price tag.
I loved the POFQ resort because not only was it affordable, it was small. There are only about 1000 rooms at the French Quarter, and it’s the first stop for buses from the parks (your ride time is only 10-15 minutes to the parks).
It does have a ‘sister resort’, Port Orleans Riverside, which is bigger, and from what I hear is much noisier.

The theme of this resort is incredible. The roads were cobblestone, and the railings were wrought iron. You had the option to ride in a horse-drawn carriage to view the resort (those set you back $35 a tour) which is amazing in the evenings when the oil street lamps are lit.

Anytime we visited concierge, or the front desk, we were always showered with beads (and no, you don’t have to -ahem- show anything to earn them)! Everyone was friendly, with the exception of mouse keeping, which is another story for later on. This resort really takes the party to another level!
The rooms are a decent size. Ours had 2 full-size beds, large dresser, padded bench, table w/ two chairs and side table. The decorations are adorable, really carrying on the “Victorian New Orleans” feel.
If you chose this resort, I highly recommend buildings 2 & 5 (yes, you can request them! We were in building 2), as they are the most centrally located to the pool and the main bus hubs. These buildings tend to be a little noisier, but is worth it when you need to make a trek back to your room after a long day.
The cafe is AWESOME. They have fantastic food choices, with every budget in mind as well. You can get anything from gumbo to taco salad. And take it from J, the beignets are amazing, and a must-try!
In my opinion, Disney’s Port Orleans: French Quarter is one if Disney’s best kept secrets. It’s your deluxe resort, with moderate prices!
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