Lunch at Crystal Palace with Pooh and Friends

While we were at Disney, we got to have lunch at the Crystal Palace, a beautiful (mostly glass) restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. It’s a buffet, and is one credit per person on the Disney Dining Plan. Again, the food is Disney quality and it’s hard to find something you won’t like. In fact, it had one of my favorites, the citrus marinated flank steak on the menu. Yummay!
In addition, you had the opportunity to meet Pooh and friends.
M got to see Eeyore, and in this picture (which I had to post) she was telling him that “It’ll be okay, please don’t be sad”. It was so sweet, and he lingered quite a bit at our table.

Of course, no one mentions to you that Character meals are all about timing. If you come in during the characters making their last go-around, they take a break and it can be quite some time before they come back out. We were done eating before they even got to our table. However, the wait was well worth it, and even got us out of the heat for a little bit. Just be prepared, and not surprised if they aren’t visiting you right away. Patience is key.
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