Jasmine is type A. And I love her for it.

First things first. I need to comment about Aladdin’s flying carpets. These were a HUGE hit with M, so much so that we rode them twice during our trip, which was the only ride we did more than once (we did hit up the Tiki Room twice, to distract M from Pirates and keep her out of the heat). This is a great ride for the adventurous little ones, because they get to control part of the ride. It not only goes up and down, but it also tilts forward and back. Which could make you sick, if you’ve just had your Dole Whip.
Now, finding out that Jasmine is not included in any of the Character meals in the Magic Kingdom, we waited in a very long (and hot- us Ohioans are just not equipped for the Florida sun) line to get her autograph.

Now Jasmine was a lady IN CHARGE. She made any child (or adult for that matter) that came through pose with her and Aladdin. And not the just stand there and smile pose, SHE would come over and put your child’s feet and hands in the place SHE thought they should be. It makes for a great photograph, and for some reason, M didn’t argue (unlike with Tink, who almost ended up with a black eye, but you’ll have to come back for that one).
So thank you Jasmine, this picture wouldn’t rock as nearly as much as it does-without you being OCD.
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