Hoop De Doo Musical Review

Okay, so this dinner is 2 dining credits per person on the dining plan, and well worth it. You must see this at least once in your life. Really.
Normally, it will set you back about $50 per person without the dining plan. The beer, wine and sangria are all you can drink and the food is all you can eat.
According to a cast member, the Hoop De Doo musical review is the longest running dinner theater show in the US. This to me, is pretty cool. Even better, the food is awesome. We had finger-lickin’ ribs, amazing corn bread, fried chicken and strawberry shortcake for dessert. We also had some salad, but we were on vacation, so who really cares about salad?
The music was awesome, and they had the audience participate. Even 2 weeks later, M at 4 is still singing the songs verbatim. They are that catchy, and I don’t mind. I wish I could have bought a CD. It was really that great (and funny) of a show!
M and Flora Long, who announced M’s birthday to the theater!
Hoop De Doo is located in Pioneer Hall, at the Ft. Wilderness Resort and campgrounds. The best way to get there is by boat, from the Magic Kingdom. If at any point you’re not sure how to get there from your resort, talk to concierge or guest services. They will direct you to the fastest and easiest route.
If you do go, say hi to Claire for me. Once my stint as Snow White is over, I’m taking her job. Really.
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