Disney does a birthday right.


In my opinion, having a birthday at the “happiest place on Earth” cannot be beat. Which is why J and I chose to have M’s 4th birthday week at Disney World.
When you first check into your resort (and even before that when you book your vacation) you are asked if anyone in your party is celebrating an event. If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, just married, just engaged or family reunion, you are given for FREE a button that can be personalized. If you get one of these buttons, a cast member will write your name on it with a sharpie. When they do, request that they cover the name with a piece of scotch tape. This will save you a whole-lotta headache when the rain storms come, ’cause even with a sharpie the name will run. The tape works wonders!
This is a huge ticket to getting recognized by cast members, and can sometimes score you some other freebies. In my experience, it’s also gotten us (when we were married) immediate fast passes to certain rides that you’d otherwise have to come back later on to.
At the GF 1900 Park Faire dinner, M was given small toys and large stickers by the manager, and even our waitress brought her some foil Tinker Bell stickers.

And at every. single. meal, M was given a MASSIVE cupcake. Every meal. Even breakfast. so that makes hmmmm, at least 15 cupcakes in a 5 day period. As a parent, you just have to relax and remember that the sugar will get your child through the busy day.

My only suggestion for this is to ask your server to bring he cupcake out AFTER your meal is completed. We ran into a couple of restaurants that brought it out before our meal was even served. Now, you tell me what a preschooler is going to want to eat- the cupcake in front of them, or the meal that will be out in 10 minutes?
My point exactly.


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