Take THAT evil super bug!


I went to see my favorite doctor this morning. Bad news: I am still not doing very well. He gave me more meds for the pain, and gave me another round of the pro biotic (which I am thankful for, as I’ve heard really good things about it) let’s hope it’s working for me.
Take THAT evil super bug!

I am going off my Vanco on Wednesday to give my body a chance to prove itself. We will be looking for signs of the C Diff for the few days after. I do have a prescription, so at the slightest sign of C Diff rearing it’s ugly head, I can slam down some more Vanco.
Prepare to take THAT evil Super Bug!

In the mean time, I’ve found something that makes my tummy very, very happy. Green tea! I know, crazy, but I feel a lot better (about an hour) after drinking a mug of it.
Again- take THAT evil super bug!
I was told by my Medical Assistant T, to stay away from scary C Diff sites, as it just stresses me out (yeah, I know. J’s been harping at me for a long time about this) and causes more harm to my innards (okay, my words not hers, she’s much more eloquent). I’ll be taking a break from surfing the doom and gloom sites from now on.
So, take THAT evil super bug!
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