Out of the mouth of M…


So on Tuesday I recorded a radio spot for our local Children’s hospital. I brought M and G with me (for those of you that don’t know, G is our fantabulous babysitter, and is home schooled- I thought this could be a learning experience for her- and yes, everyone I meet has an initial and is added to the DD alphabet database) to watch and learn. Things were going smoothly, and M was being an ANGEL. She was staying quiet, and for the most part kept her hands to herself.
During my interview, the gentleman who was conducting the whole shin-dig, asked M what her experience was in the hospital.

M’s response was this:

“I got hit in the face with our butter dish and I went to the hospital.”

Gentleman’s response:

“Oh, and what happened next?”


“We all went to jail.”


Erupts in laughter.

And for the record, I have never been to jail. Neither has M.

And thanks for asking-why yes, yes I was embarrassed.
Aren’t they just cute at this age??

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