The breakup letter…


Hi All! I need your opinion on the letter I’ll be sending my doctor- be sure to leave your two cents in my comment section!

Dear Doctor Quack,
It’s hard to say this, but it’s not me, it’s you. You see, this simply isn’t working out anymore.
When I first came to see you, it was all smiles. You confirmed that I was ‘hot’ as in fever and gave me the bogus diagnosis of ‘FUO‘. You prescribed some heavy-duty antibiotics, and sent me on my way.
To me, it felt like you weren’t interested in getting to know the ‘real me’.
The second time I came to see you with my new affliction, you wanted to keep me in the dark. You gave me the right medication, just not nearly enough to treat the problem.
This time, I felt like you wanted me to stay clueless.
And now, well I need to tell you, that I’m young. And I’ve been seeing someone else. Someone new, and older. He is more experienced than you too. So yes, the rumors are true. The thing is, that I just don’t trust you anymore, and I feel that it’s the best for both of us if I move on.
Don’t worry, there will be others after me. Hopefully you won’t inflict the same pain and anguish you’ve dealt me.
This all could have been so different. If you would have only answered my calls instead of just having ‘your minions’ answer for you.
Trust me, this hurts me so much worse than it will you. But, now that things involve my daughter, I have to break it off. She will always come first to me.
I’ve been told by family, friends, nurses and doctors that you were bad for me, but I didn’t want to listen. But I have to now. It’s for my health.
I’m not sure what it is that attracts me to the ‘bad apples’, and you seemed so nice in the beginning. And trust me, I have learned so much about myself and you during this whole ordeal.

It’s time for me to go, DOOTY calls.

Hope I DON’T see you around,

The Debacler

(names have been changed to protect the innocent, and shame the guilty)

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