Wednesdays come early.



Oh wow folks, Wednesday came early this morning. Earlier than normal.




My 3 year-old likes to get up early. Really early. As in “hi Mommy and Daddy, I’m up at 6:30am, hungry and now you will feed me. Did I mention I’m hungry now?” early.


So my wonderful (love you babe) DH gets up with her and pretty much sends her back to her room while he showers. He gets our of said shower and promptly drops the *F* bomb. Yep. He never does this unless he is really. really. mad. Why is my DH so mad, this early in the morning? It’s something yours truly did, or rather, did not do. Um, that large pink elephant in the room. That thing, called laundry. My poor DH had no (and I really mean no) clean underwear to don under his dress clothes for work this morning *giggle giggle*.


::Waving HI HONEY!!::


In case you didn’t know, he does read my blog…


It’s what makes me even a better wife and Domestic Debacle. Not only do I NOT do my housewifely duties, I like take time out of my day to tell all of you what happened (instead of actually doing what I should be doing).


So everyone pretty much calms down and DD gets her breakfast. DH heads to Wal-Mart to pick up another package of underwear because he actually thinks I’m going to wash those too. Maybe they’ll stretch his time between washes. Only time will tell.


Silly hubby, laundry’s for maids! Oh yeah, we don’t have one… Guess I need to get some done.


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