Tummy Tickler!


Okay, so I’m not the “official spokesperson” for Tummy Tickers. But… I should be. So, anyone out there from Tummy Tickler land- I’m at your service!

This morning at a play date, I noticed another mom with the Tummy Tickler set. Of course, I had to ask her what she thought about it, and also share my experience. Another mom, Jenny from Momminitup, suggested I blog about my thoughts- so here they are!

I first became a fan of this product back in 2006, when M started drinking from sippy cups. We had family in town for her 1st birthday and were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. During all the commotion, I forgot to bring a sippy cup with me. We were at Target, but she was too young to drink from a straw so juice was out. I was not about to go to give her a Coke, so I knew I needed to improvise. While I was in the juice aisle, I found this little jem:
Oh yeah. They’re awesome. Not only can you open them right up and use them right there, but they are dishwasher safe (so it’s reusable and earth friendly), they don’t leak AT ALL (seriously, I’m not kidding here- 2 years later of dishwasher abuse and they are still going strong) and come in characters my daughter LOVES! They are also filled with 100% juice, so you don’t feel like a bad parent for giving them something that might be bad for them. In my years of experience buying these, they are the BEST sippy cup/ juice product in the market- and are worth every single penny you pay for them. Right now, Meijer has them on sale too, so snatch them up before I do!
Even better, they don’t need to be refrigerated. Keep them in the car, take them to the beach or museum (I like to sneak mine into the movie theater-shhh! don’t tell) and know you’re giving your kids the best when you give them Tummy Ticklers.

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