Name those DUST BUNNIES!

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Meet: George, Henrietta and Roxy!

Don’t you just hate dusting? ‘Cause I sure do.
I hate to even breathe it, yet I can’t find the motivation to just do it!
Dusting simply isn’t fun. You get dirty, sometimes sweaty and most of the time your nasal passages get all clogged up.
Dust covers ever corner of my house whether I like it or not. It’s simply a fact of life no one can avoid. Well, maybe the rich with 24/7 house-cleaning service (booooo to you if you’re one of them).
I have my own little way to get myself out of dusting. Yes siree! Buckle up folks, you’re participating in another Domestic Debacle!
So you’ve already figured out what my problem is.
And here’s my solution: I’m going to get emotionally attached to my dust bunnies. Yes, all of them. I mean, how can I even clean them up, when they are just so darn cute? I mean, I’ve named them, dressed them (like Cindy did in that famous Disney movie- oh wait- those were mice) and even cared for them making sure they had enough “dust” to grow. Heh.
These little guys are just so adorable that one day I promise you that my DH will feel the same way.
Okay, I admit, not so much.
Who knows how long I’m going to get away with this one? Even if I do end up as a mental patient, at least I surely won’t have to clean in there!

(Above photo credit: Lisa Martin; Arlington, TX via americanstandardair.com)


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A couple weeks ago, my bloggy buddy Andrea included me in this Tweet here.

Which led me to buy this gem:

(photo credit Lolitagirlstore.com)

And, no surprise here, it’s got polka dots.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the embroidered anchor. It’s just that cute.

I was genuinely surprised when I forwarded the lovely picture to my wonderful and amazing husband and got this quick reply: “Buy it, buy it now, no matter the cost”.
WHA You say?!?! I mean, when all is said and done, it costs more than half of what my wedding dress cost.
He. Didn’t. Care.
He was excited neurotic me found a bathing suit I actually liked. See, I’m what you’d refer to as a “suit snob”. I’ve never had a swimsuit I actually liked, ever. Even when I was in college and weighed abucknothin‘.
The main problem I’ve had with suits is that I’ve got some rather ::ahem:: large chesticles. We’re talking sideshow here folks. Nothing keeps these puppies in. Nothing until this swimsuit! For some reason though, it just wasn’t laying right on me, so I took it into the tailor’s.
I did and…

I FINALLY got my bathing suit back from the tailor’s where they
took it in 2 WHOLE INCHES!

Yeah, I just yelled at you. I just yelled that my tailor, the faboosh Miss Veronica took my new bathing suit in!
I couldn’t be more happy, can ya tell? It’s not like I’ve lost any weight, but it seems to have either A) turned into muscle or B) gone to another place on my bod.
Who knows, and who cares!

This morning I took M to the pool in my new-and-improved suit, and got tons of compliments! I was so excited, and my confidence shot through the roof. I also didn’t have to worry about strapping the “girls” down, or worry about the “spillage”. My suit fit, and I was happy.

So, in conclusion, I want to thank you Andrea of Mommysnacks.net & Lolita Girl Clothing. You’ve made my days at the pool THAT. MUCH. BETTER.


About me.

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Tonight I edited my “about me”. Why? Well, I realized something tonight. I DO have a sense of style. I’m not “styleless” anymore. It’s unique, and it’s all me.

I love polka dots.

I love shiny things.

I love things that have been “loved by others in the past” (thrift if you get my drift).

I love skirts.

I love blending the lines between retro-vintage and modern.

I love my bangs.

I even love my Mary Kay (slutty) red lipstick.

So, there you have it. I’ll be sticking with my polka-dot tops, hot pink patent leather belts, rhinestone broaches, jean skirts and Crocs shoes- ’cause that’s how I roll.


Check it out!

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Mommin it up! Is giving away Lands End gift certificates! It just shows you how much they rawk!


Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day, to my “baby’s daddy”.

Love ya babe!