Garage sales in the spring time.


The one “great thing” about living in the Miami Valley is the garage sales. You can get some killer deals and people have no clue as to what they are selling. Really. I got some GREAT deals this morning, just because I knew what I was buying. Someone was selling a Pottery Barn kids chair, with slip cover for $8. Normally, they go for $60 for the chair- and the not included slip cover- is $39. And I got the whole thing for $8. OMG. I know. I did the happy dance the whole way to the next garage sale in my neighborhood…
What I really went out to buy this morning was a pair of shorts for M, and a white-button down shirt for yours truly. I found BOTH at the next garage sale. The shirt, short sleeved, was super cute and had puffed sleeves. I can’t turn a shirt down that has puffed sleeves. The only problem, is that the arm-holes are a bit too snug. It’s nothing I can’t fix though. I can always either let it out a little or add some elastic to it. So, I went to “check out” and I saw this ADORABLE desk (with spindle legs) that was displaying an old-school X-Box. I asked the young man if it was for sale. He said yes, but he had to check with his dad. The older man came out, and told me it was $10. “$10?!?! Are you SURE??” He said yes, that his wife just didn’t like the way he refinished it (it was painted black, with a white top). I called my DH and he listed the pros and cons (I can always count on my hubby for showing me both sides to any purchase). I decided it was the right thing to do, after all it was only $10 and I needed a table for my sewing machine in the den, and DH needed a space for painting his Flames of War miniatures (did I mention he’s a gamer?). This is the perfect little desk! So I backed into the long driveway, and the men put the desk in the back of my SUV. It fit perfectly. It was meant to be! The older gentleman asked me if it will be well loved, and I replied that it surely would. I’ll take come pictures this afternoon, and post them tomorrow. But I consider myself one lucky girl!

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