Murray had a little lamb…


My three year-old loves nursery rhymes. To the point where she “M-a-fies” them on a regular basis. Beauty and the Beast is called “the not-so-mean Beast with Belle, who I don’t like”, and the ever popular Little Miss Muffit known as “Miss Muffit killed a long spider”. Who can forget her version of Twinkle, twinkle little star which goes something like this “Twinkle twinkle little star- up above like a diamond- the end.”?

Well, tonight M came up with a new version of Mary had a little lamb. It’s now become “Murray had a little lamb”.

I ever-so-rudely tried to correct her that is was Mary who had the little lamb- and I said to my husband that maybe M does have a little Jew in her (see post here). Turns out I was wrong. When I asked M why she switched to Murray, her answer was “I have a little Jew on my SHIRT”.

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