An adult baby shower

And no, I don’t mean “adult” as for the risque crowd, I mean staying away from the cliche themes, and making it more about the mom. Soon, she’ll have enough of the cartoon monkeys, so lets give her a big-girl party. Make it as girly as it can be, for a mom about to have a son.
I’ve already convinced her I am going all “monkey” on her party, but in reality, I am making it oh-so-much classier. Instead of the traditional “whatever your nursery theme” I’m doing everything in light baby blues.

Here are the invitations I am using:

For the favors, I’ve bought monkey cookie-cutters (hopefully the only monkey in the whole place). With the cookie cutters, I’m making (with the help of a good friend) my own little cook book, with two rolled-out cookie dough recipes, and two different frosting recipes. I’m hoping to carry the light blue theme through that as well.
I’ll be posting pics as soon as I start on the books.
As for the cake, I’m going for the cupcake look. My DH is making those little curly q’s you always see on Ace of Cakes, and we’re attaching an “It’s a Boy!” charm to them. We’re getting the cupcakes from The Cake Shop. I love, love, love their butter cream frosting!
The only thing that I am hung up on is the games. I’m not really into any kind of game except Lunch Money, and that really isn’t appropriate for a baby shower. So does anyone out there in blog-land have any suggestions?
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