When your hubby calls to tell you he is on his way home from work…


I love to iron clothes. I know most of you out there don’t share the same *fuzzies* I get when I pull out my long board and lay a hot one on it, so I’ll share a little secret to get you out of it.
First of all, you don’t need an ironing board to iron. You only need a stable flat surface and a light colored towel. When I was in college, I used the top of the coin operated dryer. I’ve also used the top of my kitchen table when pressed for time. Just remember to lay the towel down first, or you could burn straight through the clothes to the surface. But, I digress (you’ll notice I do that a lot if you read some of my past posts- again- on topic Katie!!)…
So back to my secret… (which only really works if you’re short like me)

When my DH calls to me to tell me he is on his way home from work (and asks if I need anything while he’s out- he’s such a good hubby!) I get my ironing board out. I also put on my most zexiest high-heeled shoes I own. I wait 10 minutes because I know it’s going to be a 20 minute wait for him to get the mail and come in the door.

Plug your iron in and let it heat up. Gather your clean clothes into a large pile at the base of your ironing board. Then, at the 17 minute mark, begin to iron ONLY one shirt. Your hubby will come in AMAZED to see you ironing, but ironing in HEELS! When he asks you why, you simply tell him (in your best Marilyn Monroe voice) that you’re too short for you ironing board, and need the extra “lift”. He’ll forget all about you ironing (although he’ll be impressed for days to come) and will only conveniently remember that you were ironing in heels. Tell him you’ll finish ironing tomorrow, so the two of you can have some time to yourselves.

Now, about those “clean clothes on the floor”. Get a washcloth out and run it under some water. Take that, and your clean clothes and throw them into the dryer. Set your timer for an hour, and go get them. Hang them up. VOILA! They’ve been “ironed”. There should be no wrinkles. If there are, well, it means that particular garment has character. Or, it means you need to drop it off at your local thrift store. Whatever works for you.
I feel bad for writing this for just the “vertically challenged”, so for you not vertically challenged folks- exploit those long legs! Put on the shortest skirt or shorts you own and tell your husband (in your best Marilyn Monroe voice) how “hot you get when ironing clothes” and all he’ll notice is that you’ve got some HAWT gams!

See? Minimal work, big results- for lots of credit.

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