Shhhh! Keep it a secret…


So I’m going to share with you all one of my MAJAH secrets of being a Domestic Debacle. We’re talking SUPER DL here. Do not tell your hubbies. I mean it. I don’t want my own DH knowing I do this…

Ever have someone just show up at your door? Could be a friend swinging by, the electrician, the dryer repair guy? They give you a window, but you never *really* know when they are going to be there. You are feeling lazy, and don’t want to clean, or you just simply don’t have time to.

So, here’s your ultimate game plan.

The door bell rings. You RUN (yes, you must run for this to seem believable) to your kitchen and grab your can of any cleaning solution and your roll of paper towels on the counter. Then you RUN to your front door and answer: “I am so glad to see you, but you’ve caught me in the middle of cleaning”. You should be remotely breathing hard to make it seem like you’ve been cleaning away, using a little elbow grease. If you are even more impressive, you take the time to run your hands underneath some running water, so you’re really a “cleaning” mess.


When the OP leaves, you MUST put away the paper towels and cleaning solution, so that when your DH gets home from work, you can tell him you were about to clean until the OP showed up at your door, and you simply had no time to get any cleaning done today.

This same *game plan* works for laundry.
Grab a t-shirt or two- run to the door and explain that “they showed up on the one day a week you get all your laundry done”. As your friend steps over the pile of clothes they won’t even think about the fact that the pile has really been there for the last week. If you want to get really fancy on this one, actually throw some clothes in the washer. If not, just run it without any clothes in it. If it’s still running when your DH comes home from work- bonus for you! He’ll think you’re slaving away on the laundry!
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