JC Penney Portraits


So I know I posted awhile ago about my *fight* with JCPP.

Here’s the long story short:

Took M to get her pics taken. Manager was in a bad mood, lied to me and threw a clipboard at me when I called her on it. I called the corporate office, and they put me in touch with the District Manager. She told me that she would correct the situation (this was back in Feb) and send me coupons. Coupons were never sent, so I wrote a 3 page letter to the area VP detailing my experience. She set up another photo session for M and the whole thing was free. The manager has now been demoted to assistant manager, and another has been hired to take her place.

I get to pick up my pictures on the 13th… We’ll see how that goes. As I write this, I’m willing to give JCPP another chance.
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  1. (1.) JenniferMay 11th, 2009