Oh it’s my nemesiss. Red gatorade. I have no idea why my sweet DH has to drink it, or why he has to spill it on his khaki Polo jacket. I’ve tried twice getting it out with Zout. And much to my dismay, it would NOT come out.

Last night I went to Target to try to get another solution. I bought OxyClean for the first time. I’ve heard Billy Mays SCREAM at me to buy the stuff, and that it really works. And Billy Mays, you’re my hero. I. LOVE. OXY CLEAN!!!! In fact, if I were available, I’d let it court me and marry me. It not only got out the ::shudder:: Gatorade but it got out set in Balsamic Vinegar!

Oh how I adore you, my little tub of Oxy Clean…

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