Garage sales in the spring time.

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The one “great thing” about living in the Miami Valley is the garage sales. You can get some killer deals and people have no clue as to what they are selling. Really. I got some GREAT deals this morning, just because I knew what I was buying. Someone was selling a Pottery Barn kids chair, with slip cover for $8. Normally, they go for $60 for the chair- and the not included slip cover- is $39. And I got the whole thing for $8. OMG. I know. I did the happy dance the whole way to the next garage sale in my neighborhood…
What I really went out to buy this morning was a pair of shorts for M, and a white-button down shirt for yours truly. I found BOTH at the next garage sale. The shirt, short sleeved, was super cute and had puffed sleeves. I can’t turn a shirt down that has puffed sleeves. The only problem, is that the arm-holes are a bit too snug. It’s nothing I can’t fix though. I can always either let it out a little or add some elastic to it. So, I went to “check out” and I saw this ADORABLE desk (with spindle legs) that was displaying an old-school X-Box. I asked the young man if it was for sale. He said yes, but he had to check with his dad. The older man came out, and told me it was $10. “$10?!?! Are you SURE??” He said yes, that his wife just didn’t like the way he refinished it (it was painted black, with a white top). I called my DH and he listed the pros and cons (I can always count on my hubby for showing me both sides to any purchase). I decided it was the right thing to do, after all it was only $10 and I needed a table for my sewing machine in the den, and DH needed a space for painting his Flames of War miniatures (did I mention he’s a gamer?). This is the perfect little desk! So I backed into the long driveway, and the men put the desk in the back of my SUV. It fit perfectly. It was meant to be! The older gentleman asked me if it will be well loved, and I replied that it surely would. I’ll take come pictures this afternoon, and post them tomorrow. But I consider myself one lucky girl!


Free Crocs!!

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Awhile ago, I attended National Mom’s Night Out in Dayton, OH! It was hosted by the awesomest duo in our area- the lovely Jenny from Mominitup and the fabulous Andrea from Mommysnacks! We had such a great time, that we were chosen as the best MNO by Crocs and received a pair of free SHOES! I chose the BEAUTIFUL Cyprus. And when I mean beautiful, I mean ultra fabulous and stylish shoes. In fact, when I welcomed these RAWKIN‘ shoes into my home, they got their own name. So y’all I’d like you to meet the newest member of the Domestic Debacle Family:

I call “her” Cecelia!

Now, there is a very good reason as to why I am not wearing these right now in the picture or in real life. It turns out that I’m not very good at walking. In my haste to wear these uber-cute shoes, my ankle gave out, and I sprained it. I’m avoiding the doctor at all costs, and am self-medicating my issue. So, I’m wearing a light weight brace and flip flops for now. But- the MOMENT I am better, I’ll be slapping these pretties on my pedals, and hitting the town!


Murray had a little lamb…

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My three year-old loves nursery rhymes. To the point where she “M-a-fies” them on a regular basis. Beauty and the Beast is called “the not-so-mean Beast with Belle, who I don’t like”, and the ever popular Little Miss Muffit known as “Miss Muffit killed a long spider”. Who can forget her version of Twinkle, twinkle little star which goes something like this “Twinkle twinkle little star- up above like a diamond- the end.”?

Well, tonight M came up with a new version of Mary had a little lamb. It’s now become “Murray had a little lamb”.

I ever-so-rudely tried to correct her that is was Mary who had the little lamb- and I said to my husband that maybe M does have a little Jew in her (see post here). Turns out I was wrong. When I asked M why she switched to Murray, her answer was “I have a little Jew on my SHIRT”.


Throwing a party

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Have the grocery store do all the work, but make sure you take all of the credit!

For the baby shower I’m throwing, I want things to taste good, look good, and above all-take very little effort on my part. It’s not that I don’t love the mom-to-be, it’s that I have a family of my own that needs tending to. I want her to have the best party I can give her, while not neglecting my DH and DD at home.

Here’s my plan for foodage:

Baked artichoke dip with homemade toasted baguette (this is the one item that will actually be made 100% by me)

Chicken Salad and Ham salad sandwiches on croissants (store bought everything, but I’ll put it together!)

Fruit salad (yummy yummy- haha! frozen, just need to thaw)

Veggie Tray (will buy in store, already separated and comes with dip!)

Nancy’s Deli Spirals (enough said)

BBQ and Jelly meatballs (I’ll throw them together in the crock pot the morning of. I’m known for these ‘balls.)

To drink, I’ll be making a blue punch- made with Blue Hawaiian punch, Sprite and vanilla ice cream. We’ll also have water and coffee.

And cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes. Made by the cake shop.

There will be *16* people there (well, only 5 have RSVP’d-and that includes me and the guest of honor).

What do you think of my menu? Think it’s enough for a 1:00pm baby shower?


An adult baby shower

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And no, I don’t mean “adult” as for the risque crowd, I mean staying away from the cliche themes, and making it more about the mom. Soon, she’ll have enough of the cartoon monkeys, so lets give her a big-girl party. Make it as girly as it can be, for a mom about to have a son.
I’ve already convinced her I am going all “monkey” on her party, but in reality, I am making it oh-so-much classier. Instead of the traditional “whatever your nursery theme” I’m doing everything in light baby blues.

Here are the invitations I am using:

For the favors, I’ve bought monkey cookie-cutters (hopefully the only monkey in the whole place). With the cookie cutters, I’m making (with the help of a good friend) my own little cook book, with two rolled-out cookie dough recipes, and two different frosting recipes. I’m hoping to carry the light blue theme through that as well.
I’ll be posting pics as soon as I start on the books.
As for the cake, I’m going for the cupcake look. My DH is making those little curly q’s you always see on Ace of Cakes, and we’re attaching an “It’s a Boy!” charm to them. We’re getting the cupcakes from The Cake Shop. I love, love, love their butter cream frosting!
The only thing that I am hung up on is the games. I’m not really into any kind of game except Lunch Money, and that really isn’t appropriate for a baby shower. So does anyone out there in blog-land have any suggestions?