Ike vs. the Miami Valley


So it’s been awhile on here, and for good reason. We were hit by hurricane Ike’s winds (68mph) on Sunday and promptly lost power. We got our electricity back on yesterday after loosing well over $200 worth of food. There was little damage to our home, just shingles missing. Our tree in the front yard (the little one) was up-rooted and the tree in the back lost a large limb. And we are on the corner! The condos down the street lost some huge trees. Most of the area is still without power, and I can’t imagine being them. I have never been camping before, but this was close enough, and I am NEVER doing it. EVER. Yesterday was M’s birthday, and we took her to Chuck E. Cheese, one of the few places open in the Valley. The photo I’ve posted above is of Crews working on a downed 138,000-volt DPL transmission line on Tuesday, Sept. 16. It’s located in Sugarcreek, which is just outside of Beavercreek, and where I worked before becoming a domestic disaster.
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